Previously, we went through the story of the Bible in 15 weeks, in a series entitled: Snapshots through Scripture: The Story of How God Brings us From Brokenness to Glory. In this series we begin in Genesis 1:1 and travel to the end of Revelation, looking at some of the major points of Scripture in-between to see the story God is telling throughout history.

Click here for audio and video. We also encourage you to still ask any questions either by phone, email, or by commenting on Facebook. If you’re simply interested in knowing the story of the Bible for the first time, or know the story by heart and want to go more in depth, this will be a great time of discovery and learning.

We sought to answer the following questions (and more!):

• Is there a God?
• What is the purpose of life?
• Why does evil exist?
• How can a good God allow evil?
• Where does culture originate?
• How is God solving the problem of evil?
• Why should I care? – Why should I be a Christian?
• Can I find true rest in this world?
• Who is Jesus, and why is he important?
• What is the Bible, and why is it relevant?
• What is the gospel and how can it change my life?
• How do we live today?
• Where is the world heading?

Likewise, our major themes that popped up from beginning to end are:

• God as King and Creator
• Us as God’s Image bearers
• The Breath/Spirit of God in the Bible
• The Sabbath Rest
• The Gospel
• God’s Covenant
• The Word
• Man’s Nakedness versus God’s Covering