Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

King David once wrote, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). Isn’t that a wonderful and beautiful thought? Every life, whether in the in womb, freshly born, young, old, or moments from their last breath, is made with intimate care and love by God Himself. No one goes overlooked or unnoticed by the Lord. No one is made different than they should be; no one is created defective, or by mistake. Aside from sin, we are all exactly what God wants us to be.

As a Christian, I believe that God sent His Son to die to pay for my sins, but sometimes I think we need to take a step back. You see, it’s not just that God saves those He loves, which is mind-boggling. It’s the fact that when God conceived and began to create a world that was “good”, He deemed that you and I be part of it. The story of history, the best story that could ever be told, is not complete unless you are a part of it.

Not only that, but He crafted you with such care as to make you so unique, so your own, and He delights in that. Your personality is wholly unlike another’s, your likes and tastes, your interests, the sound of your voice, the way you look, your strengths and weaknesses are not shared fully by anyone else. In that way, God took the time after creating billions of other people to make a distinctly different you. He took the time to craft the person He wanted you to be, then brought you into the story at the precise moment, on the exact page, paragraph, and sentence that He wanted, gave you the family He ordained, and then brings into your life other people He has made with equal love, care, and attention. It’s only He that can fully appreciate you, because He alone knows what love has been given to every aspect of your life.

In the movie, Saving Mr. Banks, when the tension reaches the highest and we’re wondering why PL Travers is being such a stickler, Walt Disney tells a story of a time when he had nothing except a cartoon drawing of a little mouse. He says that he could have sold it, but, “The mouse . . . was family. It would have killed me to give him up”. It echoes what PL Travers said earlier: “Mary Poppins and the Banks, they are family to me”. If a fictional character can become that important to an author, how important do you think we are to the one who created us?

For me, there are times I look at my wife and feel as though I fall in love with her for the first time. It’s in those moments that I think, “God loves you far more than I ever could. He hand-crafted you with expert care, let no detail go unnoticed, numbered the hairs on your head, and poured pieces of His own traits into you”. Then I think, “If He loves you enough to do that, then how much must He love me to entrust me with your life!”.

That’s one of the foundational beliefs that I hold dear as a Christian, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, as is my wife, and as are you. The alternative is to say that this is all haphazard, and that we were one scientific reaction away from never existing, never knowing what it’s like to taste the wonders of this world’s food, to never see the ones we love, to never laugh, to never feel anything. We could have either not existed, or could have all been born the same, but instead He made you, and no one is exactly like you!

The Bible tells us that we alone – above the animals and anything else in this world – were created in the Image of God. We are so fearfully and wonderfully made, so loved, so uniquely His, that when we fell into sin and hardened our hearts to Him, He sent His own Son to come and die in our place.

You are fearfully and wonderful made, and if you believe in Jesus, you are fearfully and wonderfully loved – not simply today, but for the rest of eternity and beyond. Take comfort in that, and then turn to the one who never lets us down, never fails, and always reigns. Without believing in Jesus, there is no hope for the next life. Shall we who are hand-crated by God scorn the Creator and perish? – Or shall we turn to the Creator and Sustainer of all things, marvel that He would care for such a small, fleeting creature as ourselves, and, “praise [Him] because [we are] fearfully and wonderfully made”?

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  1. Joan Reply

    Wow Bryan, thank you. Thank you for the reminders. Thank you for sharing your great ability to write and express in such a beautiful way. I loved every word. I think I will read it again. And then maybe again after that. Well done! Thank you!

    • Bryan Reply

      Well, it’s certainly been a long time, and it’s always a pleasure to see the “Ford” family somewhere! Thank you for the encouragement, and I’m glad the message resonated with you! I hope that we can get together again soon. (But that’s a different conversation for a different medium).

  2. Kathleen Reply

    What an encouragement, Bryan!

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