Your Life as a Story

My son just got engaged this past summer.  As happy as we were for him and his beautiful fiance, there was a part of me silently protesting!  He’s my youngest of three . . . my baby!  The last one to leave the nest!  And now as he prepares to leave home I can already feel the sadness of living in a home without kids.  No friends popping in, no  late night chats . . .   Where did the time go?  Could it be that the most significant part of my life is already over?  I watch as the focus seems to shift from my life to the lives of my children. As our lives fade into the background we are slowly but surely handing over the reigns of life to the next generation.  Shakespeare once said: “All the world is a stage and all men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.” (Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII).

And that’s the truth isn’t it?  We all have our entrances and exits in this life.  Our lives are like a grand story with heroes and villains, drama, settings, plots, and themes.  And that’s my point.  Every story has to have an author or the story wouldn’t exist. The same is true for our lives.

At Gospel of Grace we believe that every human life has purpose, significance, and value because God is the one who has crafted it.  It is as we get to know the author of our stories that we begin to unravel the mystery and meaning he has woven into each of our lives.  Often we may feel as though life is random and chaotic, because we have failed to realize that ultimately it is not our story . . . but His story.  Sure we play a major role and we make decisions and choices, but in some mysterious way it all fits into the grand plan God is working out.

If you feel an ache in your heart, a meaninglessness or lack of purpose I invite you to join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 as we introduce you to the God who really does care for you and has a real and fascinating plan for your life.

We look forward to getting to know you! Come as you are, the mood is casual and relaxed and there is a kids’ program for ages 1-12.

Ingrid Lanting

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  1. Adel Reply

    My kids are still young, and I have often looked ahead, fearing the day I would have to live without the busyness and purpose life with kids gives. But as I’ve been watching you transition to your gospel saturated life, finding the most important purpose we could ever have, I’ve been looking forward to having a life after kids.

  2. Kathleen Reply

    I am sure excited for the new chapter of our life’s story at our new church, Gospel of Grace! Although, if people in our lives are the cast, you and Pastor Frank would definitely win the award for Best Supporting ACtors in the drama of MY life!

    • Jennica Reply

      That's so strange… I was clearing out my wardrobe today and now I'm reading this! I like how you've utilised your space! Personally I would LOVE a walk-in wardrobe… like Ca&39er#ri;s…. a girl can dream 🙂

  3. Dun Reply

    For a long time I was “Martha and Julian’s boy”. Having grown just a bit I graduated to “Lindsay’s brother”. Then I was just “Harriet’s husband”… and as the years sped by I became “Michael and Julieann’s Dad”. Then the great coronation day finally came when I became “Jacob’s Grandpa”, and “Jessica’s Papa” or “Nathaniel’s grandpa”… I wonder now if I’ll ever just be “Dun”. But the only designation that will really matter is to hear my Lord say “Well done, Dun.”

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